Kids of all ages love to play with toys. There are so many toy companies that are manufacturing toys for the kids in every shape, size, and color. Although mobile gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, the traditional toy industry is still striking. Kids still love soft toys more than mobile games. They are always curious to know about new things and to learn about them. They always actively participate in the activities around them and this participation is a part of growing up.

Games like bowling sets, chess, carrom, ludo game table, snake and ladder, puzzles and so on are very helpful for the healthy development of your child. Similarly, toys also encourage children's development with their social skills, language, discipline, and nature overall. Different toys and games, when played with parents and others, impact the brain of kids. They also impact their bodies, behaviour, and relations with others. Kids learn so many new things such as how to organize, socialize, plan, be creative, be active and so on.

Nowadays, it has become essential for parents to buy their kids toys and games that are beneficial for them. Games that encourage your kids to learn, explore, discover, along with having fun should be introduced to them. Depending on the age of your child, parents must choose appropriate toys and games. They can even choose Disney toys for their kids as they help to encourage curiosity, empathy, passion for learning, and caring nature in the kids. In this article, we will talk about the power of Disney toys and how toys and games help kids thrive.

Here is a list of some ways in which toys and games help kids to thrive:

1. Encourages creative thinking

One of the most important ways in which toys and games help kids to thrive is that they encourage creative thinking in them. Kids are always curious to know about new things and with the help of toys and games, they can understand the environment in an appropriate and easy way. Good toys and games such as puzzles, ludo game tables, chess, carrom and so on are a safe and easy way to increase your kids' creative thinking. Instead of making your kids addicted to mobile games, you should find bright and creative ideas to develop creative thinking in your kids.

2. Increases social skills

Another way in which toys and games help kids to thrive is by increasing their social skills. There are many games that require kids to play with other kids. This helps them to interact with each other. When kids play games with other children they come across all the social, and emotional signals such as laughter, jealousy, anger, crying and so on. This helps them to understand all such emotions they go through and also adjust to any such emotional situation. Games like bowling sets, table tennis, chess, etc encourage activities like sharing, being patient, becoming captain and so on in the kid.

3. Active Participation

Toys and games encourage active participation in kids as kids are always curious to explore new things and games. Active participation in games increases their learning power, and memory, and promotes better brain functioning. All of these lead to a decrease in anxiety, depression, sadness, and panic situations. Outdoor games such as bat and ball, badminton, cricket, bowling set, tennis and so on help in keeping the kids physically active.

4. Boosts intelligence

Disney toys and games help kids to thrive as they are designed in a way to increase the kid's IQ. They increase memory, coordination, identification, speaking, thinking, skills, motor skills and so many more. All these skills help to boost the IQ of your kids. Through practical games, kids can learn enough to boost their IQ levels.

5. Increases concentration level

Many toys and games are beneficial in increasing the concentration level of the kids. Make sure that you choose the right toys and games for your kids so that they don't lose interest in playing. Games like bowling sets, snake and ladder, chess, puzzles, carrom, pencil and paper games, ludo game table and so on are really helpful in increasing the concentration level of kids.