Hair Fall is one of the biggest concerns that all of us are facing in our busy lifestyles. Even though we try different hair treatments and spend thousands of amounts, when there is no result it is not worth trying the products or spending thousands of money. The same applies in the different hair products available in the market. It is always important to understand the root cause and then work on external additions that can be included. 

Red Onion Hair-Fall Control* Shampoo

Here are some of the tips and tricks needed for better hair care routine:

  1. Always make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the important factors to be considered since foods also play a vital role in maintaining the hair.
  2. Include curry leaves, spinach, fruits, and vegetables daily in your skincare routine.
  3. Good sleep also plays an important role in healthy skin and hair. Make sure to have a good 8 hrs deep sleep for your body to take some rest.
  4. Use homemade hair masks made of curls, eggs, or any other powdered mask for giving enough strength to the roots of the hair.
  5. Comb your hair, and don't do it when the hair is wet.
  6. While using heat to the hair, make sure to apply a serum so that they protect your hair to some extent.
  7. Wash your hair twice to thrice in a week.
  8. If you are into exercise or gaming or swimming it is good to wash daily with mild shampoo.
  9. Never leave your hair while it's wet or when it's sweaty. Wipe them off so that they do not cause any hair care issues.
  10. While choosing shampoo, choose the right one based on your type and concern of the hair.

While hair fall is the biggest concern, make sure to choose the products wisely so that they can reduce your problem to an extent. Onions play a vital role in enhancing the growth of the hair. So, make sure that this ingredient is available in the  hair fall control shampoo you choose. Choosing or looking at ingredients is important not just in haircare, also in skincare, edible products, etc. The hair fall shampoo should not dry your hair too if you are using it too often. ALways check they are free from parabens and sulphates for better results.

Oiling also plays a vital role in hair related problems. Even if you are not an oiling person, make sure to oil your hair well before taking a hair bath. Here is a simple routine that can help for building a good hair care routine.

  1. Heat the oil using a double boiler. You can use any kind of oils like coconut oil, castor oil, herbs infused oil, or any diy oils made by your dhadi or mom.
  2. Gently massage the oil on your scalp till the roots. Massage helps in enhancing your blood flow which will help in growing your hair.
  3. Wait for 20 - 30 minutes based on your timeline or health.
  4. Then, use a mild water for hair wash, neither too hot nor too cold. Using red onion hair shampoo to your hair help in acting as a two in one solution. Cleanses your scalp and at the same time helps in infusing the onion rich extracts into your scalp too.
  5. Then wash it off well and air dry or sun dry instead of using any tools.

Choosing products is important since we spend an amount or choose only to solve some specific concern or issue. It is important to take care in your initial days rather than worrying after everything is gone.